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Travertine Tile from TileMarkets

Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is a popular flooring option among Tile Markets' customers. We have an excellent choice in travertine flooring tiles design that meets varied needs easily.

What is travertine?

The Travertine is similar to marble and belongs to the family of natural stones that adorn the surfaces of homes and commercial establishments. It is deposited by mineral springs, and it is softer than limestone yet still durable and with good wear resistance.

What are the advantages of travertine tile?

The travertine stone comes in a number of pleasant natural colors. The earthy hues are very popular, lending a rustic appeal to living spaces. Grays, corals, creams, ivory and multicolored hues are some of the other options.

Travertine tile has five finishes: matte, polished, brushed, tumbled and honed. Depending on your preferences, you can go from shiny and glossy to polished and textured.

Travertine is easy to cut and contour. Also, as travertine is a natural stone, no two travertine tiles have the same color, tone or pattern. That's why travertine stones seem to add so much layer and texture to floor surfaces.

Another advantage of this natural stone is that it retains more heat than wood or linoleum flooring. It can be a functional choice in areas that experience harsh winters.

For many homeowners, travertine tile flooring is simply an eco-friendly option as travertine is formed naturally and does not deplete any resources. If you seek green flooring options for your upcoming new floor installation project, you can put travertine on the list.

Great quality at affordable prices

Travertine tile flooring can be as sophisticated and prestigious as marble but without the high costs. At Tile Markets, all travertine tile products are subjected to stringent quality testing to vet only the best. Our wholesale prices are hard to beat, offering you excellent value for your money with our discounted travertine tile.

Buying Travertine from TileMarkets?

Due to our relationships with the manufacturers and our knowledge of the natural stone market, we have the capability to make sure that prices are low for the high quality of travertine tile. Travertine is normally mined in few parts of the world and our team of expert’s sources it directly from the mine; with fewer parties involved in the process helps us keep the costs low and offering this premium quality of natural tile at its lowest price.

It is important to us that our customers get the best tiles for purchase and in order to maintain this highest quality we do employ quality control agents that visit quarries and then the factories and conduct audits which assist our experts making decisions prior to importing the travertine into the United States and Canada.

Though our travertine tiles are heavily discounted, they are not cheap travertine tile. Prior to importing tiles, each and every natural stone product goes through our quality assurance process which reduces the factor of defects. We constantly improve our quality testing procedures as our core believes is that continues improvement can keep us apart from our competitors.

Discover our finest selections of premium quality travertine tiles, and feel free to ask our flooring specialist if you have any questions or concern. Please contact us.

Get a quick quote or discuss your travertine flooring requirements with us today.