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Porcelain & Ceramic Flooring
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A low as $1.55 / sq ft
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Flooring Medallions
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Stone Flooring
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Tile Flooring


When chosen correctly, floor tiles can define the look and feel of a room. Tile Markets' vast choice in natural stone Marble tile and similar natural stone Travertine tile makes it easy to match your style needs with the right flooring solution. What's more, our wholesale prices are extremely affordable. When you buy flooring tiles from Tile Markets, you're making a good investment in your home's aesthetics and value.


How to select Kitchen Tiles?


Choosing Kitchen tiles for floors is also one the most integral part of a remodeling or building a new kitchen. Tiles whether they are installed in a bathroom or in a kitchen as floor tiles they do become a focal point, it is very important to select them wisely. Additionally, the kitchen also plays a huge factor when you sell the property, therefore, if the kitchen floor tiles are well coordinated with the rest of the kitchen they can produce a highly valuable kitchen attracting more buyers then a property usually would.



How to select Bathroom Tiles?


It is a fact that bathroom tiles will get wet, poured water on top of polished tiles can get slippery. Therefore, when choosing tiles for bathroom floors, slip resistance i.e non-slip tiles must be considered, it is wise to choose non-slip or matte finish tiles, which provide slip resistance in case water get spilled which can normally happen in a bathroom. The bathroom also plays a factor when you sell the property and hence selecting well-coordinated bathroom floor tiles can be a value added asset. The size of the tile also matters if you have a small bathroom you would want to make your bathroom floor tiles no more than 12 x 24 inches since the larger tiles will only make the area feel smaller. However with the use of large tiles, you will reduce grout line leaving you with less cleaning and maintenance.


So browse this catalog of our wide selection of both kitchen and bathroom floor tiles for your project.