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Interlocking Stone

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Interlocking Stone



Interlocking Stone


If you’re ready to give your patio or walkway a complete make-over, you might want to consider laying an interlocking stone installation.


If done well, the interlocking stone will add some curb appeal that is unmatched by any other kind of walkway or patio design. Moreover, a stone isn’t susceptible to breakage and cracks like concrete is, so your patio will remain beautiful for a long time.



What Does The Process Involve?


Laying stone is pretty hard work, but even more so when it comes to an interlocking stone installation because you need a certain amount of skill in stone laying and careful attention to detail.


Even before you begin laying it, the design of your walkway or patio has to be planned out. Your existing walkway or patio will need to be demolished, and the debris cleared.


Then, the ground has to be prepared to make sure that your stones don’t shift around. This involves a process of excavation and further analysis of flexibility of the ground.


You’ll need to make sure that there aren’t any impediments like tree roots. How much the walkway curves, and how many angles there are in your patio will determine the number of cuts you’ll have to make in the stones.


Cutting stones is a time-consuming process that requires a certain amount of skill to ensure that the cuts are even. Moreover, the stones you have chosen should be strong enough to withstand shaping, because otherwise attempting to cut them will lead to them falling apart.


The ground preparation will help decide how the bonding component needs to be used, and ensure that your stones are laid in such a way that they interlock tightly.


You’ll also need an edging restraint for all your exposed edges.



Why Should You Hire A Professional?


The work involved in laying your interlocking stone installation is more than placing stones in a pretty pattern in your driveway.


The process can be long and tedious for an amateur, and you may not necessarily have the time to ensure that each step is done as it should be.


From the initial planning and preparation to the actual laying, a professional will be able to gauge the project and determine what method to follow. Everything will be done to exacting standards with the highest quality materials so that your walkway will last a lifetime.


Interlocking stone installations also require a lot of equipment. Shovels, rubber mallets, hammers, and chisels are just some of equipment used to prepare the ground and lay the stone. An average homeowner will definitely not own all of these, and will need to either rent or buy them.


Our professionals can handle the entire process with ease because of their experience and expertise. Moreover, they’ll be using professional grade equipment and tools to make sure that the work gets done quickly, and is true to the design you have chosen.