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Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Hardwood Flooring Installation



Hardwood Flooring Installation


There are a number of reasons why you might want to have hardwood floor installed.


They’re beautiful, last for decades and are much easier to clean than carpets. You won’t have to worry about getting bored of them, because there’s a certain timeless appeal to hardwood that is unmatched by anything else. And they complement just about any kind of decor.


Now that you’ve decided that wood flooring is the way to go, definitely get a professional to handle the hardwood flooring installation for you.



What Does The Process Involve?


It’s easy to look at videos online and convince yourself that the process of installing your new floors will be simple. But hardwood installation can stump even the most enthusiastic DIYers.


One of the first things a professional will do when he comes to your home is remove whatever older flooring has been laid down.


Then, depending on the type of hardwood you’ve selected, they’ll put together their toolbox, which will include everything from carpenter’s squares and tape measures to air compressors and fastening machines. Every manufacturer will have their own instructions for installation, and a competent hardwood contractor will be able to follow these instructions to the letter.


Your hardwood will need to be acclimatized to the environment in the room, because solid hardwood swells and contracts according to the amount of moisture in the air. 


So, moisture readings of the flooring and sub-flooring should be taken, and room temperature should be measured by your hardwood contractor to make sure these readings are all within the acceptable range.


Then, your subfloors will need to be prepared so that they are clean, flattened out evenly, and dry. A bumpy subfloor can mean squeaky flooring with unwanted gaps between it and the subfloor. A professional will also know what materials should be used to prepare the floor, and if your subfloor itself is made of the correct material.


The layout of each room will be plotted out by your hardwood installer contractor because not all rooms are of the same shape and size, and the planks that need to be laid down must be planned accordingly. There could also be tricky areas like stairways and doorways to consider, which are all things that a professional will be able to guide you through, even before he begins laying out the planks.



Why Hire A Contractor for Hardwood Flooring Installation?


Certified flooring professionals have the experience and expertise that guarantee a well-installed hardwood floor.


They’ll have all the necessary equipment, including things that are specific to the type of flooring you’ve chosen and will make sure your hardwood and subfloors have been prepared thoroughly before even beginning the process of nailing them down.


They will also know just how many nails to use, and line them up on the planks evenly to make sure nothing goes awry, and you won’t end up with noisy floors and unsightly gaps.


Our contractors are licensed, and have passed an extensive background check. They’ll be able to do the hardwood flooring installation for you quickly and efficiently, and with the least amount of disruption to your everyday life.