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Damage Inspection at Delivery


If your order arrives damaged please notify us immediately  by calling us at 1-917-720-3831 and clearly write details of the damage on the return packing slip presented to you by the carrier at the time of delivery for your signoff, (CLEARLY STATE ALL DAMAGES AND MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE DRIVER WITNESS IT) (Once the delivery is made, carrier will provide us with a copy of return packing slip signed by you). We request that you provide us with as much detail of the damages including any additional supporting documents, like digital photos, within 24 hours of receiving delivery via email at, please make sure to include your order #. Once we receive your information we will investigate your claim with the shipper and/or supplier on your behalf. If the damages were caused during the transit and they were noted by you on the return packing slip at the time of delivery and witnessed by the carrier driver, we will issue you a cheque for the damages. Please note that we cannot guarantee payment of damage claims unless they are clearly stated by you on a return copy of the packing slip. Therefore, please inspect your order carefully at the time of delivery.