What Are The Benefits Of Laser & IPL Hair Removal?


Permanent hair removal is a modern beauty procedure that is rapidly gaining popularity and for a good reason. Hair removal using razors and wax doesn’t cut anymore. With so many people struggling to keep their long manes neat and tidy, there arose the need to find an effective means of eliminating the unwanted body hair. While shaving is easy and does an excellent job in ridding the body of visible bodily hair, it only offers a temporary solution and users often find themselves with a thick stubble after a few days. Luckily, those who desire to obtain a smooth hairless skin can benefit significantly from permanent hair removal.


Permanent hair removal denotes a non-invasive procedure that kills follicles to prevent hair from growing back for a period of between 6 to 12 months, or even longer. This method doesn’t, however, provide an instant solution as one has to undergo several procedures within a period of 4 to 5 weeks. The procedure essentially ensures that hair follicles are dead thus leaving the skin hairless and soft for an extended period. This process can be employed on the entire body including sensitive parts such as the nether regions.


Popular Permanent Hair Removal Options

Laser and IPL are among the most popular permanent hair removal techniques. These two methods are different but work similarly. For instance, they both use light to destroy hair follicles on the skin, but IPL gives off up to eight times the size of the wavelength produced by laser treatment. Both methods, however, can be used to treat all areas of the body including underarms, bikini lines, chins, Brazilian areas, upper lips, and legs. Here is an overview of the two hair removal techniques.

Laser Hair Removal

This method involves the use of laser lights to destroy hair follicles. During this procedure, a laser emitting device is used to focus a single wavelength of light on the hair follicles with the ultimate intention to absorb them. Its, however, imperative to wear protective glasses before methodically directing the laser hair removal device over the skin. The size of the section from which the hair is being removed dictates the time each session will take. For instance, it could take as little as 10 minutes to treat the underarms while the legs could consume up to an hour. While laser hair removal is quite uncomfortable, it’s not as painful as waxing. However, the discomfort depends on the pain tolerance level of individual users.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL stands for Intensely Pulsed Light Therapy. This method works similarly to the laser hair removal. However, instead of a single laser beam, it employs a broad spectrum of high-intensity light that is emitted at multiple wavelengths. The good thing about IPL is that it covers a large area, meaning that it destroys more hair follicles at a go. It’s also more affordable than the laser procedure, but its light is less focused on individual hair follicles. This implies that a person is required to undergo more treatment sessions than those required under laser hair removal. It should be noted that despite the difference in the light emission, IPL gives people the same benefits as those of laser treatment.


Benefits of Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Although they are somehow different, laser and IPL offer several benefits that give them an advantage over other hair removal methods like waxing. Some of the standard benefits are explained below.

It’s a Relatively Pain-free Process

Undergoing the laser hair removal process makes someone experience a certain level of discomfort that can be compared to the pain one feels when a rubber band snaps against the skin. This level of pain is, however, much less than the one experienced during a waxing procedure. Typically, the technician who’s performing this procedure will offer one some anti-inflammatory lotions or ice packs that come in handy in curbing the pain. After the process, the skin becomes red and inflamed for about a day. As the procedure continues, the pain gradually subdues until no more ache is felt.

On the other hand, people who undergo IPL procedures report that they experience little to no pain. On sensitive parts of the body, however, people tend to feel a slight sting or burning sensation. This is attributable to the fact that IPL utilizes a low light that hardly interferes with tissues located along the treatment areas.

Safe and Precise

Laser hair removal procedures are extremely safe, which is especially true when performed by well-trained and certified technicians. The equipment used during the process is FDA approved and targets dark and bristly hair. This ensures that the skin is protected from harm irrespective of undergoing multiple procedures. Also, the equipment so used is calibrated to the individual’s hair color, type, and location. For instance, there are specific settings for removing dark armpit hair while others are designed for treating leg hair. When the procedure begins, the technician will observe the patient’s reaction before proceeding. This goes a long way in averting any potential adverse effects on the skin.

IPL, on the other hand, is performed using a Palomar machine that produces short, intense bursts of a broad-spectrum light that helps to get rid of the hair. This device sends out scattered wavelengths of light across a vast treatment area. By not focusing the light on a specific treatment area, this method omits the chances of burning the skin. Moreover, since the IPL procedure is non-invasive, it doesn’t require any anesthesia and doesn’t cause any bleeding. IPL hair removal is, therefore, less time consuming and doesn’t take up much time as compared to shaving and waxing.

Permanent Results

Although the results are not entirely permanent, both IPL and laser prevent hair growth in the treated areas for a prolonged period. The light emitted during the two procedures penetrates deep inside the skin, and once they reach the hair roots, they heat and destroy the follicles thus slowing down hair growth.  While it may take weeks or even months to get the desired results, both IPL and Laser hair removal work remarkably on dark and coarse hair. Each session essentially slows down the hair growth by about 20 percent. As such, one needs to undergo 4 to 6 sessions to achieve permanent hair removal on the face and 3 to 5 appointments to completely slow down hair growth on other parts of the body.

Reducing the Risk of Dangerous Skin Ailments

While shaving and waxing offer an easy method of removing body hair, they also lead to cuts, nicks and razor burns.  They may also cause skin irritation especially on sensitive areas like armpits and along the bikini lines. Waxing also causes burns and ingrown hairs that can consequently become painful or infected. Permanent hair removal through laser and IPL helps to avoid all these issues while still making the skin super smooth.

Saves Time and Money

Shaving every day requires a person to add a few more minutes to their morning routine. This renders waxing appointments incredibly inconveniencing especially for people with busy schedules. Conversely, laser and IPL procedures help to save time and money by slowing down hair growth, which, in turn, eliminates the need to shave every day. This means that a person can say goodbye to buying razors and making waxing appointments.

Enhanced expediency and Convenience

Both lasers and IPL procedures target several hair follicles simultaneously thus allowing enhanced expediency. Each light wave travels very fast and takes less than a second to destroy the follicles. On average, treatment sessions take about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the area on which the procedure is being performed. It’s should also be noted that smaller body parts like the upper lip can take less than a minute. This means that even the busiest of people can find a few moments to rid their body unwanted body hair.

Prevents Shaving Rash

People experiencing excessive hair growth around their bikini areas often suffer from skin irritation after shaving. Things get even worse during the summer months. This is because people tend to sweat even more and thus fueling their discomfort. Although one can shave in between the laser and IPL treatment appointments, the first 2 or 3 sessions make shaving more comfortable. This is because the two procedures make both the hair and skin soft, which ultimately renders shaving quick and more manageable. Besides, such people rarely suffer from skin rash or post shaving itch.



Laser Hair Removal Can Be Done At Home

Who doesn’t want to get rid of excessive hair from the comfort of their home? After 20 years of search on hair removal machines, the experts agree that these devices can be used safely at home. Laser and IPL machines are as safe as they are effective. Although they utilize the same technology as the equipment used in salons and dermatology clinics, home devices are designed to be specifically safe for use by untrained hands. This means that people can now enjoy the same benefits of hair removal afforded by the professionals at a much more affordable price without leaving their homes.

Moreover, home IPL and laser devices are sufficiently compact to be carried around in suitcases, which mean that people can use them while on the go. They also omit the need to book appointments in salons, which is an added advantage for people with busy daily schedules. Apart from the convenience of using them at home, these devices afford the users more privacy as they don’t have to undress in salons or spas offering hair removal services. IPL and laser hair removal devices are available in numerous stores and can be readily bought from online platforms. It’s, however, recommended to go through online reviews of at-home laser and IPL hair removal devices before purchasing one.

Prevents Armpit Shaving Shadow

Having a smooth, hairless armpit is particularly important for women especially during the summer. While shaving is affordable, its results are short-lived and often leads to horrendous side effects such as cuts and razor burns, not to mention the dreaded armpit shadow. These issues can be prevented through the use of laser or IPL hair removal methods that destroy the hair follicles to provide longer-lasting results. The two methods also leave the skin smooth devoid of altering its natural color.

Freedom to Shave in Between Sessions

With waxing, shaving between sessions can prevent someone from benefiting optimally from the procedure. This is unlike laser and IPL sessions where people can safely shave between sessions without interfering with the results. Such freedom is important because hair grows fast and no one wants to live with unwanted body fur awaiting the culmination of the treatment.

In fact, shaving before a laser or IPL hair removal appointment helps to maximize the results. However, people are warned not to wax, tweeze or use creams, which would otherwise remove the useful melanin and hair follicles. These are the main components that are targeted by the wavelengths in both laser and IPL devices in reducing hair growth.

Helps with Reducing Acne Breakouts

Acne is caused by a number of issues that include oily skin, bacterium and ingrown hairs. Apart from harboring acne bacterium, excessive hair also improves their resistance to cleaning agents. Treating oily skin is also quite difficult when the body is full of hair. Moreover, ingrown hair that often results from waxing facilitate the chances of skin inflammation and the growth of acne bacterium.

Hair removal with laser and IPL technology can be of great help. By removing hair from its follicles, avoiding ingrown hairs will be much easier thus substantially decreasing the risk of acne breakouts. During the first stages, however, laser and IPL hair removal can accelerate acne breakouts especially when the hair being treated is coarse and thick. Luckily, after two to three sessions, the hair becomes finer and grows at a very slow rate, which gives the skin some time to heal. It also diminishes the chances of getting ingrown hairs while also eliminating acne bacterium, which reduces the likelihood of further breakouts.

Unsightly hair carries a negative impact on the self-confidence of a person. Hair removal using wax, razors, and tweezers will often prove to be time-consuming in addition to causing uncomfortable sensations on the skin. Using depilatory creams might appear like a better idea, but they also provide short-term results. Besides, there is too much worry due to the difference in skin sensitivity.

With IPL and laser hair removal solutions, people can now enjoy long-term results after a short period of treatment. These methods stow the growth of hair on the entire body, leaving the skin smooth and soft for a prolonged period. They are also incredibly safe and comfortable and eliminate hair from the most sensitive parts of the body, including from the Brazilian areas and the upper lip.