5 Ways To Transform Interior With Travertine

Contemporary Kitchen by Habitat Studio
Contemporary Kitchen by Habitat Studio

Every homeowner dreams of having a lavish house without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get the design elements right. A little insight and understanding of the aesthetics of your flooring are all you need to give your property a classy look.

Travertine is an eco-friendly, sedimentary stone that is cut using a water saw to avoid chipping. It is naturally sourced but is often incorrectly marketed as marble. Available with honed, polished, or tumbled finishes, travertine is a favorite with many designers because it is known to give a rustic yet elegant look to any space.

Here are a few interior design ideas utilizing travertine stone tile to transform your home into a thing of beauty:

Bombshell Travertine Bathroom Designs

Travertine stone has been in use since the middle ages. Its unique qualities have made it a favorite among artists ranging from Michelangelo to Richard Meier. What this means is that you can rely on this exquisite stone to provide a hint of natural beauty to your bathroom decor. The use of large travertine tile gives any room a cave-like feel. You can incorporate customized tile patterns to give the bathroom your own distinctive touch. However, there are also drawbacks. For example, you will also need to carefully squeegee-clean the shower area as often as possible to get rid of mildew build-up. Below are few photographs of vein cut travertine tiles installed in a bathroom from renowned interior designers and architects.


Work by:
Contemporary Travertine Bathroom Design by Joel Kelly Design. In above photo Polished Travertine Tile.
Beach Style Bathroom
Beach Style Travertine Bathroom Design by Whitstable Island Interiors.
Pictures of travertine floors
Work by: Tg Studio.

The Great Outdoor Pavers

Ever wondered how you could enhance the design of your outdoor seating areas? Say, for instance, by refacing the exterior walls or creating a pool deck? You can use tumbled travertine tiles for that as they have several natural color variations, which add a touch of versatility to your outdoor decor. These outdoor pavers can be power-washed, which makes maintenance easy. You don’t even have to worry about heating because these outdoor pavers reflect heat and remain cool, unlike other stones.

Contemporary Landscape by Art In Green
Contemporary Landscape by Art In Green by using outdoor travertine tile
Beach Style Patio by Tongue & Groove
Beach Style Patio by Tongue & Groove

A Fabulous Travertine Foyer

Do you feel that conventional entryways are a tad too bland? Would you rather have a grand, sophisticated foyer? If that’s your ambition, travertine tiles are possibly the best choice you can make for your flooring. They are available in different shades of gray, gold, light brown, and white, which makes it easier for you to ideate a custom design for your home as these tiles pair well with almost any color scheme.

Mediterranean Entry by The Fechtel Company
Mediterranean Entry by The Fechtel Company
Mediterranean Staircase by John Termeer
Mediterranean Staircase by John Termeer

Travertine In The Kitchen

With different surfaces like countertops, flooring, and backsplashes to play with, kitchens are one of the best places to showcase travertine tiles. Although they require slightly more upkeep than other types of flooring, travertine offers a unique flavor that is hard to replicate or substitute. To give your kitchen a bit more personality, you can always use contrasting colors to form interesting patterns and designs.

Contemporary Kitchen by Habitat Studio
Contemporary Kitchen with Travertine by Habitat Studio
Traditional Kitchen by Andover Construction
Traditional Kitchen with Travertine by Andover Construction

Unpolished Gem To Polished Masterpiece

When unpolished, travertine gives floors a raw and rugged look, however, the polished version of the stone is more traditionally luxurious. Large travertine stone pavers placed alongside side tiles in contrasting colors are sure to add to the charm of your interiors.

To sum it up, natural stones are rarely as cost-effective and easy to maintain as travertine. This is why it’s considered the ideal complement to an upscale home and cost to install travertine tile is roughly around 5 $/sqft. Once you have installed it, it’s easy to ensure that it stays in excellent condition. If a tile is damaged, you can easily refinish it with grout. So, if you’re aiming to give your home a more refined edge and have decided to invest in a durable and timeless style of flooring – travertine should top your list of options. Visit our Tile Store to shop a wide variety of products.