Tile Trends That Are Flooring Toronto

Tile Flooring Toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the most populated city in Canada. It ranks as the fourth largest city in North America, sharing the honors with New Mexico, Las Vegas, and New York. With a population of over 2 million, it’s no wonder that the real estate business is flourishing.

In fact, Lawrence Richards, a faculty member of the University Of Toronto, has been quoted saying, “Toronto is a new, rag-tag place; a big mix of periods and styles.” Nothing sums up the architectural development of the city better.

Flooring and home designs in Toronto have greatly over the last few decades due to the increase in modern products and evolution in home improvement industry. Inspired by the Georgian architecture that once dominated the streets, we now have a widespread blanket of suburbs, condominiums, and buildings that have retained that old-world charm. In the ‘70s, a house would have cost you an average of $31,000. Today, house prices have skyrocketed to at least half a million dollars for a mid-sized house in a popular area. In this economy, it should come as no surprise that adding to the value of your home is important if you want to sell it someday. One of the easiest and most practical ways to increase the value of your home is to redo the floors.

Flooring a home in Toronto doesn’t just mean having to choose between wood or tiles. It is an art that aims at enhancing the beauty of the home in question. There are a lot of factors that need to be contemplated before changing the flooring for a house. Floor types are an element that should be taken into consideration. Purchasing and installing wooden flooring will be slightly more expensive than opting for laminate and tiles, but it would increase the value of your property by a larger margin. Another type of flooring worth considering is marble, as this durable material will also add to the property value.

Get On The Floor

First off, to figure out the best flooring choice, you have to know what your options are. From wooden flooring to stone, here are some of the flooring trends that have found their way to the city:

Knock, Knock

Perhaps the most popular flooring trend, which has endured over the years, are hardwood floors. If you want to add warmth and an element of comfort to your interiors then hardwood flooring is a perfect choice. With this kind of flooring in Toronto, you can choose from a wide range of woods, colors, and widths, giving you the freedom to truly personalize your decor. Now, thanks to the extent of global trading, you don’t have to limit your choices to the classics like oak, maple, or ash.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bedford Brooks
Work by Bedford Brooks Design

Engineered wood floors, which are constructed from wood plies glued together, are another viable choice. This type of flooring can be made out of any kind of wood. Additionally, you can choose to go with veneer wood floors, which are fairly similar to laminate flooring, but which lack the photographic finish off their laminate counterparts.

If you are looking at factory-finished planks for your flooring, which is known as pre-finished wood, then your floors will have 6-10 layers of urethane. Using pre-finished wooden flooring is a good choice for time-bound projects, as what usually takes days to get fitted can be done within one day.

The most common finishes used for wooden flooring are UV cured, polyurethane, acrylic urethane, and aluminum oxide. It’s important to remember that all wood floors will react to moisture, which is why you need to keep the humidity levels of your house in check. In cold weather, wood tends to contract, and when exposed to heat it will expand. Too much moisture will lead to a “cup” in wood, which is where the plank warps, resulting in the center being higher or lower than the edges.

Contemporary Kitchen Design by Bedford Brooks

There are three ways to install wood flooring:

  • Nail Down: There are nails in the plank that can be hammered into the subfloor.
  • Glue Down: Installation is made easy by spreading the recommended glue across the subfloor and placing these planks on it.
  • Floating: Perhaps the easiest of the three methods, this process involves constructing an underlay between the subfloor and the planks. Afterward, the planks are glued at the groove and tongue, in order to hold them together.

Stick To The Budget

Laminate flooring is a similar type of flooring as hardwood flooring and we have seen that in Toronto it has only grown in popularity. This substitute flooring is also durable and can handle heavy traffic. Laminate floors can take on a wood look appearance, with the similar dimensions and shape as actual solid hardwood. This type of flooring has come as long way since it’s introduction in 1980, and it’s now available in a variety of textured designs. With the ability to replicate different types of woods like mahogany, walnut, and chestnut, laminate flooring is now an established and prominent player in the flooring industry.

This is also one of the long lasting flooring material that can be installed either with glue or as floating. Although glue installations are easier to do, floating installation is also popular because it also provides ease of installation and allows the floor to be immediately available for use because you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry.

If you decide to go with laminate floors, you will need to be cautious while maintaining it. Dry mopping, vacuuming with soft brush attachments, sponge mops, clean water, and laminate floor cleaners are the best ways to clean laminate floors.

A Tile-ish Addition

When it comes to tile flooring in Toronto, have two broad categories to choose from – porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. Essentially, these two types can be considered ‘cousins’ of sorts as they share a lot of similar traits.

Bedford Brooks Design
Work by Bedford Brooks Design

Ceramic Tile Floors:

These tiles are made from natural clay minerals that are mixed together, and are glazed on one side and fired under intense heat. This flooring type is quite durable and is resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, which makes it an ideal flooring material for areas that receive a lot of traffic. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, you can use this type of flooring to give your home a unique, personalized design. Unfortunately, this affordable, easy-to-clean floor type does have a downside. Hard and cold to the touch, this is not the best floor to stand on for prolonged periods of time. Tile floors are also very slippery when wet. You will need to pay attention while walking across them. Maintenance for this type of flooring is crucial, otherwise the grout will become discolored.

Porcelain Tile Floors:

Derived from the concept of ceramic tiles, porcelain tile flooring provides unlimited design possibilities that make it a popular choice among property owners. The density of a porcelain tile is larger than a ceramic one, which makes it less porous. Therefore, these kinds of tiles is harder and more resistant to moisture. The increased durability of the tiles has resulted in their being labeled as heavy lifters in the field. Even if you take good care of your flooring, chipping is bound to happen. If a ceramic tile is chipped, you will notice a different color underneath the surface. However, with porcelain tiles, a chip could go almost unnoticed as the tile is the same color throughout.

Contemporary Room Design White Porcelain Tile Flooring
In this photo: Porcelain marble tile is installed in the living room

You can install your tile floors easily, but professional help is always recommended. Care and maintenance for this type of flooring should include regular sweeping and mopping.

Turn To Stone

Although each type of flooring has its own appealing qualities, there is no denying that stone tile in Toronto has their own kind of charm. This beautiful and stylish flooring adds a natural element to any home decor. To understand what choosing stone floors entails, you will need to properly research the topic. Each kind of stone is different and their porosity affects their density, which in turn affects how they react to stains and spills. Knowing more about the different stones will help you make the right decision with respect to your flooring options.

Granite Stone Floors:

Usually seen adorning the floors of bathrooms and kitchens, this stone is available in many variants. It’s also slip-resistant if the finish of granite tile is leathered, which is why it’s so popular.

Marble Floors:

This stone is known for its elegance, which is why it can be seen in homes that embody sophistication. Slabs of marble don’t come cheap, but it’s a price worth paying for this enduring material. The downside to such beauty? Marble can be scratched easily, but with proper care and maintenance, the floors will stay immaculate for years.

Lux Design
Work by Lux Design


If you want to give your flooring a natural, earthy look then limestone is the material you need. Formed from sedimentary rocks, these stones usually, have slight variations from tile to tile despite coming from the same slab. It can be smoothened for a polished look or machine-tumbled for a more weathered appearance.

It’s essential to remember that care and maintenance play a vital role in ensuring your flooring remains undamaged and that the value of your home increases. Climate control in rooms, cleaning spills immediately, and regular cleaning is some of the ways you can ensure your floors look as good as new for years to come.