Cook in Style: Tile Ideas for your Kitchen

kitchen tile

The kitchen is integral to your home. It’s an important space and sees a lot of use every day. Besides food, it plays a central role in your life and this is where the magic happens.

Such a crucial space in your home needs to echo your personality. Everything from the sink to tiles should be carefully selected. The flooring is especially important because it sets the tone that everything else in the kitchen follows.


kitchen tile

The perfect combination of color and material will give your kitchen any look that you want. Elegance, warmth, or pure utility, it’s all in the tiles. Since the tiles in your kitchen are going to be constantly exposed to heavy foot-traffic and sometimes, food, your choice of tile needs to factor in longevity and ease-of-maintenance.

Here’s a list of kitchen tiles that are the perfect mix of form and function:


  1. White Porcelain Tile

The Bianco white porcelain tile is an ideal choice for the kitchen. Since it’s made of porcelain which is a durable material and has the ability to withstand heavy traffic; it is also known for its resilience, so, spillages does not damage the tile.

White porcelain tiles will also give your kitchen a more open and spacious look. The high-gloss finish with the variations created by inkjet technology will brighten the appearance of your kitchen, but also complements most types of furnishing.

  1. Black Granite

Black is beautiful. The Absolute Black Granite brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen. You can choose to complement or contrast the granite with the of your furniture’s in your kitchen. Since this tile is not susceptible to acid, you could potentially use this tile as your kitchen countertop. You don’t have to worry about stains from spills and it’s also fairly resistant to abrasion and scratches.

  1. Saturnia Tile

Give your kitchen a sophisticated look with saturnia tile made with the naturally occurring stone called travertine; so no two tiles will have same pattern and tone, making it a pleasing and refined aesthetic. This stone tile is as exquisite as marble.

With a polished finish, saturnia tile comes in subtle natural colours.

  1. Cork Tile

Due to its aesthetic appeal, cork has grown to be a popular flooring option. It’s durable, sustainable, and renewable. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then cork is a great choice as it provides comfortable footing.

Cork will add an earthy zest to your kitchen. It’s hard-yet-smooth surface, and the bamboo colour makes it a good-looking kitchen floor when contrasted with the right blend of kitchenware and light-coloured walls.