The Pros And Cons Of Marble Flooring

Modern Bathroom Marble Flooring

Smooth, sleek, elegant, and above all, natural. These are words that describe the beauty of marble. Harvested from the belly of a mountain, this naturally occurring material can lend a luxurious look to any establishment.

Marble flooring has been used for centuries to decorate the floors of many architectural masterpieces that have been produced throughout history. But before you install, you need to understand a little more about marble flooring pros and cons.

Crema Marfil Marble Extraction
Crema Marfil Marble Extraction

The Upside Of Marble Flooring

Marble floor designs come in a wide range of choices and are an ideal way to infuse your home with a royal look. But that isn’t all it provides.

Aphrodite-Like Beauty

Marble floors radiate elegance and leave your home with a sense of grandeur. Thanks to the wide array of colors on its surface, it possesses a unique look that can’t be replicated by other materials. When marble is quarried from a rock surface, it’s extracted in large slabs. These slabs are sliced into pieces, which are more manageable, before finally being turned into tiles that are placed as a flooring material.

Each marble tile that is extracted from the giant chunk forms a part of the original piece, almost like a puzzle. This means that no two tiles will ever bear the same markings, only a superficial resemblance to each other. This feature is what lends marble flooring its striking appearance.

Unlike most stone flooring materials, marble has an extremely high tolerance to polishing, which means you can always have the surface of your marble floor looking extremely smooth and shiny. And thanks to this, the colors in the flooring stand out even more.

Beige Marble Flooring Designs
Beige Marble Flooring Designs

Radiant Reflections Of Light

Due to the fact that marble can be polished to obtain a high sheen, the material tends to shine when exposed to light, which is perhaps why for centuries marble has been used in sculptures. It possesses a translucent quality that seems to capture the light thrown onto its surface.

Install white marble floor tiles and you’ll feel like the light flooding into your room is penetrating into the surface of the marble.

Besides these pleasures, marble is also a naturally-occurring substance. This means that it’s biodegradable and won’t cause any pollution throughout its lifetime, which makes it the perfect eco-friendly flooring product.

The Downside Of Marble Flooring

While the beauty of marble cannot be stressed enough, having a marble flooring in your home comes with its own drawbacks.

The Price Of Luxury

The luxury look of marble isn’t just for show nor does it come cheap. One 12×12 inch marble can cost anywhere between $5 and $14. And if you’re installing mosaic prints or larger tiles, the cost is even higher!

Slippery Surfaces

Placing large marble tiles in kitchens and bathrooms is a big mistake. When polished or cleaned, the floor tends to lose its friction, presenting a hazard to anyone walking on it. It’s best that this material is restricted to rooms where liquid spills almost never occur like the foyer or living room.

Marble Floor Tile in Foyer
Marble Floor Tile in Foyer

No Heels Or Wine Allowed

A polished marble floor is easy to scratch. This means that the sliding of furniture and other objects can create long gashes across its surface. Removing or repairing a scratch is a complicated procedure and usually involves the expensive services of a professional.

Marble is also base material that reacts whenever it interacts with an acid. Their interaction results in a stain on the surface of marble floor tiles. And since acid cleaners are used to remove calcium deposits, using them on marble flooring (which is made of calcium) could damage the surface. If you’ve got marble flooring in the kitchen, it’s susceptible to permanent staining if acids like sauces and fruit juices are splashed on it.

So there you have it—a list of the good as well as the bad side of marble floors. While they possess a sleek, sophisticated look, marble is difficult to maintain and requires constant care for its brilliance to be accentuated. But if you have the money and the patience, marble flooring is sure to add to the elegance of your home.