The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floors

It doesn’t matter if you want to do a new remodel for your house, a renovation for a specific room, or you are just looking for a new flooring material – hardwood flooring is a superior choice. Not only the hardwood floor is incredibly beautiful, but its also a good match for almost any home type or any home style, from traditional to modern and everything else in between.

If you are going to get new flooring material and are thinking about hardwood flooring, below are a few pros vs cons when dealing with this flooring.


Increased Property Value


If you ever, down the line, plan to sell your home, having a hardwood floor is going to increase your property price by quite a bit. Carpet is simply not as beautiful as something like wood, and in many cases when a new homeowner buys a home they HAVE to reinstall new carpet because it gets dirty after a few years. With hardwood however, this is a material that will last the lifetime of the house.

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Incredibly Customizable


Another really nice thing about hardwood flooring is that even if you don’t like a certain wood or stain, you can sand it down and re-stain it another type of color of stain for example, using product by Cabot Stain. These can also be painted if that’s what you want to do. Hardwood flooring comes in an array of beautiful woods though if you want to keep it natural looking, such as cherry, oak, walnut, pine and more. Also, as mentioned above briefly, this is a material that will match any home style or decorating style. Wood is incredibly versatile and it matches with any other material when it comes to hardware on your cabinets, upholstery on your furniture, and even other materials like glass. All around its a great material to work with for any home.

Stain Hardwood Flooring

Easy To Install


For the most part hardwood flooring is actually easy to install for a professional according to Ministry of Labour. If you love hardwood but you want to install it on your own, consider looking at planks. These are even easier to install, especially for the novice and the wood doesn’t weigh as much because they are thinner planks of wood.

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Incredibly Hygienic – No Allergies!


Unlike carpet that is like a stain, dust and dirt magnet, hardwood is not. Its easy to clean and once you clean the surface, unlike with carpet, there is no underlying hidden dust, mites or dirt, since its all one even layer. You will still have to buy a new mop and broom specifically for hardwood floors.


Pretty Easy To Repair


Solid hardwood is easier to repair than something like laminate, and it tends to cost less as well. For something like laminate you need to rip up the entire floor, with hardwood floor you simply remove and replace the broken plank. There’s no much more that you can ask for when it comes to a flooring material, but like with everything else in life, hardwood DOES have its negatives too.


Hard, Cold and Echo-y


One of the things that people really like about carpet is that it keeps sounds from bouncing off the walls which can lead to echos. Another reason people like carpet and laminate is because its warm on the feet and its obviously pretty soft. Hardwood is not. Hardwood flooring is hard and quite cold, not as cold as something like marble, but if you live in a cooler climate, you will notice a difference, you can get the reasoning at Antranik.


Costly – In Some Cases


If you get hardwood plank laminates, these are not as expensive. However, hardwood can be. On one hand its expensive, but its also important to look at how much longer it will last than something like tile which can chip and carpet which can get dirty, stained or musty after a few years – even after getting it professionally cleaned. Carpet can actually lose its stain fighting power after you wash it a few times, and the natural/manufactured coating on the weave begins to wear away. This causes the carpet to not be able to clean up quite as well as it once did.


In the end its really going to depend on you. But, it should be noted that hardwood can really be an appealing material to add to your home, especially if you plan to sell in the future for which you can use sites like Comfree.