Modern Kitchens – What You Need to Know

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are all the rage today. They tend to be simple, yet classy and exude style. If you want to create a modern kitchen there are certain aspects you will want to consider. Read below for more information on the top items, materials, and colors to add to your kitchen in order to transform it into a modern kitchen,

Flat Panel Door Styles

One of the most ubiquitous aspects of a modern kitchen is going to be a flat panel door style that KarftMaid, Shiloh Cabinetry and Dura Supreme carries. A modern kitchen doesn’t have a lot of ornamental design. It might seem really plain and simple, maybe too simple, but somehow it makes due. A flat panel door style, which is sometimes also called a slab door style is a signature product of a modern kitchen. Sometimes you might see a shaker style in a modern kitchen, but this is actually considered more transitional than modern.

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modern kitchen design

Frameless Cabinet Construction

There are a few different terms to describe this type of cabinet design; frameless, Euro, Overlay, full overlay and more. But, essentially they all mean the same darn thing; the door on the cabinet is going to overlay the cabinet box. An authentic frameless cabinet makes it so you won’t see the face frame, also you have even spacing throughout the doors as well as the drawers on the cabinet.

Specific Modern Materials

In a modern kitchen you tend to see three major materials; glass, wood and stainless steel (or chrome if you like that look better). Glass is usually something that is used in a backsplash design. Remember, modern kitchens are not very ornamental, so when you see a backsplash its usually going to either be very plain or the ONLY ornamental item in the entire kitchen. Stainless steel is also a good backsplash, but stainless steel can also be used for things like the stove, fridge, and microwave, as well as the prep table and/or the kitchen island. Wood, on the other hand, is best used on the flooring; think deep warm hues of oak and cherry.

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Subway Tile For Backsplashes

Another very popular material in a modern kitchen is going to be subway tile. The great thing about this material is that it comes in a lot of different sizes, as well as colors. But, just because it’s a modern kitchen, don’t be afraid to blend in a few different hues. Some ideas:

– Modern white and marble subway tile: This uses a white subway tile mixed with a gray and white subway tile and they alternate between white and marble. This would also look really good with a marble counter top as well because it ties everything together.

– White Subway Glass: In this example you would use very thin pieces of white subway tile to decorate the entire back wall behind your stove and sink. The pieces which are 1 inch by 4-5 inches will take a lot of material to get you going, but the end result is amazing.

– Brown and Grey Subway Tile: These two colors are great because gray is a naturally modern color you see in modern kitchens and the brown has an almost wood look to it. You can even find brown subway tile that is “grained” so that it looks more like wood. This subway tile design would go really well with a slate gray granite counter, deep wood stained cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

– Black Caledonia granite subway tiles as a backsplash: These are brick like designs, but they are black and granite, which makes them super classy looking. Add in black and stainless steel appliances, white accents like white face plates for your sockets, white cabinets, and a gray counter top and you have a really nice modern kitchen.

If you really don’t like the look of subway tile, that’s okay, just consider the other types of materials in a modern kitchen and create a sleek backsplash using that material such as a glass backsplash, wooden tiles, black granite or natural stone, or like mentioned above, stainless steel. A modern kitchen doesn’t have to look or feel sterile or cold. You can add in some warmer materials like the wood to make the kitchen cozier and inviting you just have to do it in a more modern way than with a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

Industrial Chic Design Elements

Another signature style for a modern kitchen is going to include industrial elements like bare wall which are not painted it creates an almost visual interest. However, it can make it cold looking, so make sure that you in other colors besides gray and white, like black, light blue or a pop of color.