On The Down-Low: Low Ceiling Basement Ideas

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Southwestern Wine Cellar R Brant Design

Renovate a Basement with low Ceiling

A home is where you can let your creative juices flow, and you can carefully plan the layout and pick out ideas for home remodeling that suit you best. Personalization is a key part of building your own home.

But what do you do when you’ve got a basement with an extremely low ceiling?  Do you want to revamp the dingy underground space and make it a bedroom for your kids or just turn it into a recreational room? You’ve got a ton of cool ideas. The only problem? You don’t quite know how to go about it.

Here are a few DIY basement ideas, especially for low ceiling areas, that are easy to accomplish and guaranteed to be a hit:

A Window Of Opportunity

Basements, particularly those with low ceilings, feel murkier if space isn’t developed properly. If this rings a bell, you should consider enhancing the space with a few windows. Whenever you are planning to rework the space, be sure to include windows in the blueprint. Design a basement in such a way that the windows aren’t blocked by heavy furniture, so that the area gets some natural light.

On the off chance that this leads to a privacy concern, use smoked glass windows. This can provide an open appearance while guarding your privacy. In case you want extra windows, contact a local contractor and get a few additional panes. This will allow you to make the most of the sunshine.

Say Adios To Subfloors

Low ceiling basements already seem cramped and pressed for space. Don’t add to this by opting for a ply subflooring, which will take away an inch or two of the ground. Instead, choose something else, something better. Here are a few alternatives:

  1. Tile, Tiles, Tiles: Known for being extremely durable, porcelain tiles will completely transform your underground space. The best part about using these type of tiles is that they come in different colors and variants and are relatively inexpensive and the best part is, due to the advancement in porcelain tiles they also come in wood look, therefore, they are a great fit for the basement flooring.
  2. There’s Nothing Like Wood: You can also give your basement floor a classic, upmarket look by using engineered wood flooring. The engineered wood floors can be laid over a standard underlayment and they can effortlessly improve the look and feel of your basement while being extremely easy to maintain.
  3. Paint Away: If you’d simply prefer a more cost-effective approach, you can go with a durable concrete paint for the high-traffic regions. Note: to do this, concrete flooring will have to be in a good condition.

‘Ceil’ It Up

The ceiling is the first thing that you must concern yourself with when you are renovating your basement. If you want to change the way your ceiling looks, you can choose to go with a number of options like wooden panelling (to close off the ceiling), drywall panelling (to give a more finished look), or just give it a trendy upgrade by painting the ceiling with some heavy duty paint while leaving all the ducts, cables, and pipes as is.

Let There Be Light!

Any indoor space can be made to look good provided it has the right lighting conditions. However, it’s important for you to decide on what kind of lighting you need for your space. If you want to make your basement feel bigger, use small lighting strips. Lamps and wall scones defeat the purpose as they tend to cast huge shadows. If you have windows (or plan to have windows), take advantage of them and enhance them with appropriate lighting where possible. Don’t forget – lighting sets the mood!

There you have it! Basement Ideas, so keep these simple things in mind before you start designing a low ceiling basement. It will make the process much easier and ensure that you don’t face any trouble in the future. Time to give your unused underground space a serious facelift? Have fun and try out new interior remodeling ideas today.