The Latest Hardwood Flooring and Color Trends


Everybody has their own unique style, budget, and color choice among other things when it comes to picking flooring for their homes. Around the world, hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity as homeowners are ripping off their carpets and refinishing their wood flooring or exclusively choosing the latest hardwood flooring for their new homes.

The store owners in Toronto and elsewhere note that the latest hardwood flooring and color trends are about extremes. So accordingly, following are the hardwood flooring trends that are being seen:

Some of the biggest trends have been reported in color and stains. More and more people are going to darker woods and stains because they are less likely to show dirt and scratches which minimizes maintenance.

Hardwood Flooring White Oak Graphite

On the other extreme, people are again embracing lighter woods and stains. Cooler tones like grey, blonde, and white are more popular because the paler the wood and stain, the cleaner it appears. Rather than the warmer browns of before, cool tones open up space for decoration.

  1. Wide planks with different widths

Wide planks are among the latest hardwood flooring, and the reason behind it is because it enhances the natural beauty of wood. Popular in 19th-century homes, these kinds of floors are now making a statement in the 21st century. Termed broad and stately looking, they can go up to five inch wide planks or even more. To create even a greater visual difference in a home, flooring shops now offer varying plank widths on the same floor to give that natural, authentic look.

Here is what you should be looking for:

Hardwood Flooring: Red Maple Lighthouse
Hardwood Flooring Red Maple Lighthouse
Hardwood Flooring: Red Maple Lighthouse
Hardwood Flooring Red Maple Lighthouse
If you are interested in getting wide planks then you should get the Hardwood Flooring Toronto to help you.
  1. Grey hardwood

Natural grains and grooves make a bold statement on any floor. Many homeowners have relied on the grey walls and cabinetry trend to keep the coordination with grey hardwood floors high since the 2010s. Grey is current and does not call too much attention to itself and also lets the homeowner bring other decorative pieces on board. Even as trends change, the grey stain can always be sanded and re-stained.

Hardwood Flooring White Ash Driftwood
  1. Texture

Textured hardwood flooring is also in the spotlight with renewed interest in vintage and artisan styles. It comes as no surpriseĀ to flooring stores in Toronto because of similar extreme trends in color selections. Handscraped or wire brushed surfaces that look authentically aged and withered guides the eye to the floor which is why extreme grain textures are on the rise. Grains are made more obvious by scraping or brushing. The only drawback to this trend is that such floors are more likely to show dust and require more cleaning.

Hardwood Flooring Hand Scraped Oak (Dark Stain)
Hardwood Flooring Hand Scraped Oak (Dark Stain)
  1. No more shiny finishes

Shiny finishes are becoming impractical because they show scratches and dirt. It is for this reason that homeowners and offices alike are seeing the practicality in going matte on their hardwood finishes. The biggest trend is towards oiled, satin, or matte finishes. Apart from making spaces look cleaner with less work, these finishes do not draw attention away from other parts of a building and also protect the floor.

Hardwood Flooring White Oak Driftwood
  1. Geometric hardwood designs and patterns

Moving away from invisible floor lines, geometric hardwood designs are re-surging; Chevron and Herringbone being the two contemporaries of zigzagged hardwood floors. Herringbone is good for a historic look while chevron is more modern and action-oriented. However, this kind of hardwood flooring is more expensive and takes more time as well as skill to install.

Hardwood Flooring Zigzag Herringbone


Hardwood flooring is definitely a trending home improvement product, so no one can go wrong with it. The latest hardwood flooring can not only provide the visual difference in a home but also improve the overall value of the home. However, it is always good to choose the type of flooring that works best with the existing home decor and style.