Up The Wall: Interior Wall Paneling For Your Home

3D Wall Tile
3D Wall Tiles by TileMarkets

If you’ve ever visited a heritage home or a museum, you’ve probably seen some beautiful examples of interior wall paneling. Though these embellishments are essentially old-fashioned, they’ve begun to enjoy a resurgence of popularity in contemporary homes.

If you are looking to incorporate an a timeless element into your wall designs without compromising the structural integrity of your property or without having to empty your savings, then wall paneling are the ornamentation option you’ve been searching for.

Cladding, primarily introduced for industrial purposes, has now become a symbol of artistic expression in interior-design. Here are some of the different types of wall paneling you can consider using to spruce up your staid walls:

Ledgestone Wall Tile in Contemporary Bathroom
Ledgestone Wall Tile in Contemporary Bathroom

A Medieval Tale of Stone Cladding

Commonly seen in living rooms and bathrooms, stone cladding can give your room a fresh and natural look. If you prefer a rough stone finish for the interiors or exteriors of your house, stone veneers are a simple and effective choice. Stone veneer cladding are very thin, lightweight layer of real or simulated stone that emulates the look of quarry-rock. These stones usually look visually appealing when applied to construct accent-walls.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home Décor, the 3D tile collection might do the trick. Or if you advocate the principle ‘the simpler the better’, you can explore affordable options in marble and quartz stone cladding.

3D Tile
illustration of 3D Wall Tile

Steel Yourself

Although steel isn’t often featured on lists of wall cladding ideas, it can certainly improve the appearance of your interiors and exteriors. These claddings are highly durable and serve as a safe decorating choice if you live in areas prone to stormy and extreme weather conditions. They are also quite unusual and if you feature them on your walls, they’re sure to catch the eye of your guests.

Wow-ed By Wood

While there are several different wall cladding options available in the market, wooden claddings are extremely popular for aesthetic and environmental reasons. They can be customized extensively and can be trimmed easily to accommodate your design ideas. You can opt for woods like elm, chestnut, or cedar wood to your home decor a more contemporary edge.

Wood Paneling
Wood Paneling

Brick By Brick

You’ve probably already observed how brick cladding drastically changes the appearance of a building, brightening up a landscape that you initially dismissed as aesthetically bland. There are many patterns and designs available for brick cladding that you can use to your advantage. To create your own masterpiece, you can combine multi-colored bricks of different sizes to form beautiful designs on your walls.

More For Less

Vinyl is one of the most affordable choices available in the market and is your best option if you want to keep things simple and elegant. Available in a diverse range of colors, textures, and architectural trims, vinyl can be used to mimic any type of cladding, including wood, stone, and slate. It’s also easy to maintain and is considered an inexpensive but effective choice.

So, there you go. These are some of the best and the most popular interior wall paneling options that are being used around the world. Once you’ve decided what you want, you can give your home the upgrade it deserves.