Your Tile Quotient: Ways To Spice Up Your Home Decor

Contemporary Living Room Renae Keller Interior Design Inc
Contemporary Living Room by Renae Keller Interior Design Inc

Whether you are prepping your house for sale or just sprucing it up with an extensive home improvement project, new tiles add a certain element of elegance to your property. Why?

For starters, tiles are easily available in variants: some small, some big, some glossy and colorful, while others are more neutral. They are available in almost every shape and size you can think of and each of them, when used, provide their own versatile touch to your home. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and can be customized easily.

Here is a few simple tile upgrade you can opt for to brighten up your home.

Spice up Home Decor:

Are your stark, plain kitchen walls boring you? A backsplash might just be what you need to give your kitchen an exciting new look. Play with colors and textures to inject some personality into your decor. You can use our travertine backsplash to give your home decor a coarse, rugged look or the glass mosaic tile if your tastes lean towards a smooth, glossy finish.

Rraditional Kitchen by Design Savvy
Work by Design Savvy

Out And About

While tiles impart a certain amount of elegance to your interiors, they can also be used outside. Besides, there’s no set rule that confines their use to indoor locations. So, lay these tiles creatively in areas like your front porch or your pool deck to give them a unique appearance. This can potentially improve the market value of your house too.

Get Ready To Be Floored

High-quality tiles are often moderately priced and can add an attractive element to your floor design. If you’ve always admired the elegance of a wooden floor but never really got around to installing one, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of amazing tiles that look like wood available in the market, which will help you recreate the effect. For instance, a wood look porcelain tile can be used as a viable substitute for hardwood flooring, and will cost considerably less.

Contemporary Bathroom by Keri Morel Designs
Work by Keri Morel Designs

Make An Entrance

The foyer is the first thing that anyone notices about a house. Make an impression by using tiles to achieve a striking effect. Marble is the perfect material to use to add a grand touch to your foyer. It’s sure to impress your guests. Known for its vein-like patterns and innumerable shades, marble, when carefully selected, can enhance the look of your interiors considerably. You can also opt for floor medallion to line your entryway for a more extravagant look.

On The Walls

There are no set rules that determine where tiles can be used. While covering your bathroom floor with tiles is a common practice, you can also take it up a notch and decorate the walls with different types of tiles. Additionally, accent tiles such as ledgestone can be used to revitalize your walls around fireplace. A similar option is this ledgestone fireplace that can get your fireplace looking like a charm and it can also allow you to build an accent wall.

These simple home decor ideas, when executed well, lend your house some character. So, the next time you are renovating, flex your creative muscles and ensure that you choose the perfect tiles.