Classic Living Room Upgrade

living room upgrade

Have you ever wondered that there might be a way to change the feel of (almost) your entire home with putting some quality time and effort in upgrading just one room only in your home? Let this be your living room. Living rooms are the most vigorous room of our homes and thus they deserve the most comfortable and cost effective designing and upgrade.

To start off your upgrading project, focus on floors. You might want to do some transitioning on the floor if you have the available space. For example, you can go with stone, tile flooring where you are planning to put your new sofa cluster and for the rest of the space you would want to use hardwood. Now when we are thinking about flooring, the flooring price pops up in one’s head. But when you really want your living room to give that exotic feel, you definitely find yourself looking into hardwood floors.

flooring upgrade living room

Play around with color schemes. You can choose one wall in your living room, that can engage most of the attention when painted and decorated right, and paint it different than the rest of the walls. After this, add decorations. You can use the cluster of those kept away paintings which have been waiting in your attic since you moved in. You could use your prized plate collection as well.

To make the living room entirely different and welcoming at just one look, de-accessorize it. Get rid of all the extra knickknacks or better yet, sort them on some shelves and arrange them color wise. Symmetry can come handy too. Use your same sort of furniture, lamps, throw pillows and cushions to create a mirror effect.