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Valensa Grey Marble Subway Tile
  • Valensa Grey Marble Subway Tile
Valensa Grey Marble Subway Tile
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Marble Subway Tile


This classic marble subway tile is known for its long lasting beauty, it is also known as rectangular backsplash subway tile. Originally, subway tiles were designed to lighten the underground subway stations. But due to their popularity now they are used in most modern interior designs.

Therefore, by installing this marble subway tile you will not only enhance your space but it will also provide you a long lasting classic look of 1900’s. Additionally, because of its simplicity it will never go out of style and keep your place looking stylish.


Where to Install Marble:


Basically installation and location where these marble subway tiles can be installed solely depends on your intention and taste, the most common location where these tile would be installed are kitchen or bathroom walls. In Kitchen these are normally installed above the countertop in between the kitchen cabinets however, bathroom installation would be mainly around the shower walls. Last but not least some interior designers may choose to install Marble Subway Tile around the fire place giving it an enhancement.

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Country of Origin Turkey
Type of Stone  Marble
Finish Type Polished
Application Interior
Color Variation Medium
Product Thickness N/A
Piece Coverage 0.83 Sqft/Sheet
Box Quantity 11 Sheets
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