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Backsplash Tiles


We carry a wide selection of modern backsplash tiles, whether you are doing a simple kitchen or an accent wall design you will basically find it all. You will not be disappointed by our wide selections of beautiful most modern stone backsplash tiles; these types of tiles are now commonly used in modern kitchens, however, they can also be used in bathrooms. Our store also carries some of the latest backsplashes, and best of all our prices are almost 60% less than retailers located in Toronto, Canada.


Traditionally, most modern kitchens look bare without backsplash tile and thus choosing right mosaic for your kitchen can be a crucial element as it becomes an essential element. These tiles will master any type of decorating design ideas that you may have. Our selection and a combination of colors, materials and styles can get you affordable and cheap tilling experience.


Where are Backsplash Tiles used?


Some of the most common location(s) where backsplash tiles can be installed are following:

  1. Kitchen walls
  2. Bathrooms (Shower & Tub Surround)
  3. Fireplace surround


How do we reduce Backsplash Tile Prices?


Our goal is to reduce and make it inexpensive and that is done by purchasing backsplash tiles directly from the manufacturer which eliminates the middle-man. This process not only reduces our costs significantly but also allows us to offer a wide selection of backsplash at a significantly reduced price making turning them into cheap backsplash tiles.


We also conducted research by visiting many stores within Ontario region. Our visits included stores located within cities like Mississauga, Toronto, and Markham and based on our visits we learned that many of the tile stores carried similar backsplash but their prices were significantly higher so our goal at TileMarkets was to reduce these prices for our Canadian customers. Check out wall backsplash selection and let us know if you find it cheaper elsewhere and we will beat that price unless our price is already the lowest.


We offer a striking collection of backsplash tiles at prices that you won’t be able to find anywhere. So what are you waiting for browsing our collection today, and if you have any questions feel free to speak with our friendly experts.