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Drywall Installation

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Drywall Installation



Drywall Installation and Taping


From the color of the walls to the material your curtains are made of - there are a number of decisions to make if you’re planning to remodel your home. But some decisions, like choosing the building material for your walls and ceilings, call for extra attention, as these projects are much more permanent and can’t be easily altered.


If you’re planning to remodel the ceiling in the basement or a wall in your living room, choosing drywall as the building material is an intelligent option. Faster and easier to install than traditional plaster walls, drywall is way more cost-effective, fire-resistant and it’s also easier to repair.


Why Do You Need To Hire A Trained Drywall Contractor?


Drywall is one of the toughest trades to master. Don’t attempt to hire a rookie drywall contractor for the job or take it up as your next DIY project. A perfectly tapped drywall installation requires an experienced eye and a steady hand, and therefore, it’s always better to hire a trained professional.


Processes like drywall taping and finishing require extra care while installing drywall, which might be difficult to grasp if you’re an amateur. Drywall installation is a suitable covering option for ceilings to conceal pipes, ducts, and wires in a basement. Carrying out these tasks requires specific techniques and expertise, which can only be perfected with experience.

Your drywall contractor must be competent enough to know whether a spot is suitable for drywall installation or not.  Even though moisture-resistant drywall is available in the market, too much exposure to moisture can make the sheets mushy and they will lose their rigidity. Therefore, it isn’t advisable to install drywall in places that are susceptible to moisture-related problems.


How To Find A Competent Professional


We know you don’t deal with home improvement contractors on a daily basis, and finding the ideal expert that you can trust can be tricky. No worries, we’ve got your back.

The dedicated team at Tile Markets will find the right expert for the job, who can take the reins on your drywall installation project. We’ll conduct all the required background checks prior to recruitment, making sure you won’t have to deal with a lousy contractor ever again.

Professionals at Tile Markets are skilled, knowledgeable, and are determined to provide you with high-quality services and products that adhere to your specifications. Our wide range of premium home improvement products and services are sure to satisfy all your renovation needs.