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Basement Renovations

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Basement Renovations



Basement Renovations


“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful” — We at Tile Markets are the second type when it comes to basement renovations.


We believe that the basements, just like any other room, should be a conversation starter. This requires it to be the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics.


Why Do You Need Competent Basement Contractors?


To have your basement renovated the right way, make sure you hire professional and basement contractors — so that your basement doesn’t simply end up being a dumping ground for your life’s extras. When you have such a big space to put to use, you need a trustworthy professional to turn it into the highlight of your home.


You wouldn’t want to be someone’s first time; especially when it comes to an expensive remodel like your basement. It needs a little extra expertise to remodel effectively.


Since finished basements are more susceptible to moisture problems than the rest of your home especially in Toronto, your renovation contractor must have a working knowledge of products that are specifically made to minimize mold and mildew.


Extra care is needed in case you’re planning to add a bathroom to your basement renovation, as it may require additional drainage and plumbing work. Always remember that lousy drainage can lead to moisture-related problems in the basement. Even windows need to be strategically installed in a basement—not just for proper ventilation, but for decent illumination as well—which might prove to be a problem if the contractor isn’t knowledgeable. So, it’s vital to hire a trained professional for the job.


Ceiling installation is a vital aspect of basement renovations, as pipes, ducts, and wires need to be properly concealed. The basement may even require an installation of moisture-resistant drywall. If your location is flood prone, the flooring material used in your basement should be able to prevent water damage. Carrying out these tasks requires specific techniques and expertise, which only comes with experience.


Our competent and knowledgeable professionals will provide you with appropriate flooring and tiling options based on the specific challenges your basement poses. Our premium-quality flooring options in non-moisture absorbent vinyl floors should definitely be on your radar.


No matter what your needs are, we have the perfect basement remodeling ideas and products for you. Want to turn your dusty basement into a home office or a guest bedroom? Don’t worry, our wide range of home improvement products are sure to improve your basement renovation experience.