Creating a Home Office for Productive Freelancers

Working from home can be the most convenient, ultimate, and exciting way to work. No more wasting gas to travel into work. No boss, looking over your cubicle. No cubicle!!! But, for those of you who do work from home successfully, you know that this is not always rainbows and puppies. You really have to follow a set of rules to stay productive, stay successful, and keep from wondering away from your desk when you work from home. If you’re a freelancer reading this article and you want to know how to really stay productive, focused and successful all while working from home, here are a few things to consider that you might not have even thought about.

Personal Life vs Business Life

Do you have kids? Well, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Kids are always going to come first before work. It’s just how it is. However, what we are talking about here is things like checking Facebook to see if you’re friend is posting pictures from her vacation or checking your email to see if your purse from Amazon got shipped yet. Work life and your work hours need to be spent doing work things. If you need to do anything else, like check Amazon or look at Facebook or anything unrelated to work.

Good Proper Seating and a Desk

One of the biggest reasons people wonder away from their desk is because of the seating in their home office. If you have a ridiculously uncomfortable chair and desk, you probably aren’t going to want to sit at it for long, or maybe at all. Don’t grab the chair from the dining room. Don’t grab the dining room table either! Invest in a nice desk with a comfortable chair that will help promote productivity. You don’t have to spend like thousands of dollars for this. Just get something budget friendly, that will fit in your space, that will make you feel comfortable!


Make A Schedule

People say that when you create a schedule for yourself, you are more willing to stick to it, than if you did not. Don’t do some in your head schedule either. Write it down. Even if some tasks change from day to day, the core projects and tasks are going to be the same every day. If you stick with the schedule you will finish things in a more timely manner and you will, in turn, be more successful.

Oh, and by the way, take some time off. Take breaks in between work. Take a lunch away from your desk. Make sure you take at least 1-2 days off a week. It doesn’t have to be a Friday, or a Saturday and a Sunday. Take off time when you feel like you need to.

Use Technology!

Technology is so sophisticated these days. You can use your phone as a personal assistant, you can work faster and easier by getting high-speed internet, and you can be super-organized by using Office Suites like Microsoft or Libre Office to get all of your work done. Use technology wherever you can.

Keep Your Desk Clean

Remember when you were in school and they had those flip top desks? Your teacher always made all the kids not only make sure the top of the desk was clean and organized but the inside too. This wasn’t because she was trying to be mean. It’s because she wanted you to stay organized. Not only for that day, but the next day. You should also be doing this at your work desk. Keep things clean and organized. Before you leave your home office at the end of the day, take a quick 10 to 15 minutes to reorganize everything, put things back where they belong, throw out the garbage, etc. This way the next morning you come in, you won’t spend 15 minutes finding your favorite pen that should be in the desk drawer or you won’t waste time emptying out the garbage. Do it the day before so the next day you can get right to work!

Room Sketcher

Be Inspired

If you love a certain song/album or you have an image like a sunny beach that inspires you, or your kids make you work harder, or you want to be financially free or whatever else – find something that inspires you to work harder, be successful and be positive and put those things on your desk, in front of your desk, in the hallway, whatever. It can be a poster, a mug that you drink your coffee out of, a framed picture on your desk, etc. Just find something that inspires you every day.

If you follow these tips every day, you won’t just be barely making it. You’ll be successful. But, more importantly, you’ll be happy.


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